Conveyancing & Property Law

Conveyancing and property law covers numerous legal areas and effects many people and organisations – homeowners, neighbours, developers, builders, investors, tenants, landlords and financial institutions. We have assisted many clients in this complex and often multifaceted area – from buying a first home, settling neighbourhood or access disputes, to advising on large-scale property developments.

Commercial and retail leasing

A commercial lease governs the relationship between a landlord and tenant regarding the tenant’s right to occupy the landlord’s premises.

If the premises fall within the meaning of ‘retail’ the lease will be governed by the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (Qld). The Act aims to enhance consumer protection for tenants and promotes transparency and fairness in the retail leasing industry. It sets out minimum terms for lease agreements and requires a landlord to provide certain disclosures to the tenant, failing which a tenant may have grounds to terminate the lease.

Commercial leases can be the subject of legal disputes which often occur due to poorly drafted, ambiguous or non-existent lease agreements, or the failure of the parties to understand the terms. Legal guidance when entering a leasing arrangement assists to minimise these disputes.

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