Family Law

Separating from your spouse or partner is stressful and involves consideration of a number of things, depending on your circumstances. Let one of our experienced lawyers assist and make the separation process that little bit easier.

Whether or not you and your ex-partner separate on good terms, there are a number of important issues to be considered when it comes to family law matters.

Even if you and your ex-partner are able to reach an agreement regarding the division of property, it is important to seek independent legal advice to formalise the split and to ensure that the outcome is just and equitable.

We have significant family law experience and can assist you by advising of your rights, negotiating on your behalf, preparing formal agreements and representing you in mediation and/or at court if necessary.

If you need assistance, contact one of our lawyers at [email protected] or call us 07 4779 1111 for a no obligation discussion an dexpert legal advice.