Traffic & Criminal Law

If you have been charged with a criminal offence or a traffic violation, you might have to go to court.

We can assist you in a range of criminal and traffic offence matters including but not limited to:

  • Drink driving
  • Driving offences
  • Assault
  • Drug offences
  • Stealing/robbery

If you are found guilty of an offence, a court will determine how to sentence you. In figuring out an appropriate sentence, the court will take into consideration a number of factors. These include the maximum and minimum sentences that can be imposed, how serious the offence was, your role in the offence, any assistance to law enforcement after the offence, and your criminal record. Sentencing is a complex area of law so speak with one of our experienced lawyers to ensure you get the best outcome possible.

If you need assistance, contact one of our lawyers at [email protected] or call us 07 4779 1111 for a no obligation discussion an dexpert legal advice.